Excuse me sir, you're doing it wrong

On my way back to the office at lunch yesterday, i came across a gentleman of some years dragging a trolleycase. I have a mild dislike of such trolleys - unusual for me, as my dislikes are usually raging - as their owners never seem to take responsibility for their cumbersome metal tail, and they always get in my way. In this case, however, the man was dragging it up side down, so that the wheels were in the air and the metal or plastic case was scraping the pavement. Such an opportunity for actually saying to someone in real life, 'ur doin it rong'. But i didn't take it. I said excuse me enough times that if heard me and stopped, when i pointed out he had his case the wrong way up. Surprisingly he ignored me and shouted down the street, '[name more often heard in half man half biscuit songs], this man's complaining'. A younger man i hadn't noticed, far enough down the street for me to think him unrelated, turned with his bag and came back for the gent. Ah, i thought, that explains it. I pointed out he was doin it rong, the younger man smiled, and on i walked.
Next: grilly bumps into someone on the street, says 'fail'.
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