the other thing in edge that irked me was the use of the phrase 'ip'. it was used probably, on average, twice an article. at least once in any feature. nowhere did it explain what it meant, though. of course, if you're in the know you know, and i know it stands for 'intellectual property'. as in, franchises and such. ususally from a game written by a small company, although a larger company owns the ip, meaning that they don't own their work, just like, hmmm, every other area of artustry (what i from now on will refer to as industries ostensibly producing art, but actually harvest the creators of the art).

like emi, here, with them's new website

here we see they are selling the 7 radiohead albums they own on different formats for different prices.

firstly they have the 7cd box set, all repackaged in digipacks. this is forty pounds. quite who would buy this, when they've had about 15 years to buy pablo honey and probably have at least some of the others, is a mystery; but people will.

then there's the download package, a snip at only five pounds less. that's insane.

then there's the whole thing on usb stick, which i can see fitting into only about 5% of usb ports due to it's awkward shape. this is eighty quid.

the whole thing is a smelly cash-in, protrayed as an official radiohead product, with their distinctive branding and iconography, and of course, their music; all of which is owned by emi. it makes me feel a bit sick.
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