a thouroughly long week part one: the good stuff

while you're waiting for the last two parts of the holiday saga, time is pressing on and like all the best times of your life, you don't have a chance to write it down.

"sunny days in january

left spaces in my diary."

i'll start with last friday. no , we need to go back to thursday night, dinner with auntie leslie and uncle neil and cousin georgie, and the kick up the arse she gave me. the next day, i called up reed and asked what was going on, and recieved some very exciting job offers. a few minutes later and i'd arranged to start an exciting job on monday, temp to perm working in the city. well excited, i took myself out into hackneyto pay in a cheque from the railways company (remember the tenner i left in the machine?), visit the museum and hope for some postcards, and maybe get a curry. well the fist few parts went well, but as i wandered through hackney central no curry house could be found. i kept hapilly trudging north, until the major road became a minor one, an don the last corner of my last hope, there it was - cafe pogo. vegan. co-op. why had no one told me about this place? i went in and got a burger and a soup - the soup was a bit too stodgy to finish but the burger was good. i filled in a volunteer form and left. ruth was meant to coming from aberdare. but she never did and i never heard from her. a disappointment in some ways. so what did i do that night instead? i can't remember. i didn't go to ohmygodimissyou... i met dan for a curry around tottenham court road. it was a place i remember being excellent from a night out with debbie and her coursemates and tutors, when i was infatuated with her (hopefully this is buried in text 87). it was good, but perhaps not as good as i remember. ce cast.

saturday... i watched the 50 first dates. mayb ethat wasn't this exact night, but i did at at some point. it must surely rate as one of the worst films, not just bad but truly offensive, to everyone involved - women, hawaians, walruses, romantics, and comedians. i needed a night in. that meant i couldn't go to unskinny bop with robin. nothing is better than unskinny bop, so i had to do something so remarkably worse it didn't stand up to comparison. this was the night off i really needed and i finally had it all to myself. what's amazing is that it was the only video i could bring myself to watch.

sunday. corrie, my half brother was meant to be meeting dan and i for lunch; with no word (again), we took it upon ourselves to entertain ourselves in the only way we knew how; the dove, where i'm sure we would have met corrie anyway. afterwards we returned home, i tidied up, and then, well, back to the dove, as james and rachel were down there with some other friends... must have spent 6 hours at least, and a small fortune, in there on that day, let alone all the other days. i got out the blockbuster set, we played several games and eventually broke down into just asking the raw questions, but missing out the appropriate letter... you just had to be there.

monday was the first day of my new job, dull but not boring, and then the riot girl documentry at cafe pogo. i showed my face, enjoyed myself and signed up for a shift on thursday. i was meant to write a review of it for rachel and ian, who both wouldst have liked to have gone, but had 'prior engagements' (useful as a metaphor for freebasing, although not in this context), which i will do another time. when i remember it less. anywayyy. dinner was a roast cashew sarnie, which was supreme.

tuesday was a night of wonderful fun. the landlord approacheth, and ian and i spent two hours turning my room girly - pin kfeather boa, dresses, flowers, hand cream, recorder, acoustic guitar not electric, no solder, and to cap it off, her letters, placed in obvious sight. i went the shop and bought two litres of imported san miguel, which we sank in fron tof the news, and i played the part of the mate who'd popped over. then apparently rachel and james were back in the park, only this time drinking special brew. why special brew? after a can and several hours, it seemed like a good idea to get last orders at the cat and mutton, and then realise the reaswon why dan hadn't called was because my phone had ran out of batteries. so we lumbered back home, with now with dan, katie and katie's mum. james fell asleep on the couch. rachel said katie's mum smelled nice. katie's mum said something about us being like irish drunks. and more (which i'll save for my other blog, secret fans). i couldn't even finsih my pinmt i s was so pissed. i mean, i did, but i couldn't.

wednesday i planned to be a night off after the absolute debauchery of the night before, but i got a call from jez... their support had pulled out (i'd forgotten they were on at all) and would i like to fill in? well. yes. so here's how it went:
  1. luthien tinuviel
  2. purple milk
  3. the girl in the kid a top
  4. love ("that was about girls and radiohead. this is about girls and regret")
  5. gold top
  6. sex
  7. pregtard (i think... maybe this was after love. it was by far the highlight of my solo set)
  8. grilly's christmas song featuring adrian and ed. (link to youtube goes here)
this was at sound on leicester square. a wierd venue of poshness and priceyness. i watched the girls play and then went home, got a curry on the way back.

thursday i worked in cafe pogo. volunteering. i guess where the money goes is a good question, but they can't make much profit. as far as i'm aware, james and rachel were the only customers, and i spent a good portion of the shift talking to them. pogo is a fun place, and a fringe place like that attracts all kinds of non-sequiteur peoples.

and then on friday.. well, it's mixed from here. see you next post.
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