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crotchduster - mammal sauce

i should also point out, to those who are interested, that this track is available both on crotchduster's only record, 2003's 'big fat box of shit', and earache's mammoth bargain compilation, which reminds me a bit of those 'four discs of 80's hits for a fiver' box sets advertised endlessly on mtv when i was a kid. maybe they still are.

i heard of crotch duster ages ago, but never got round to listening to them; from the bunf they sounded quite exciting, but also a joke, so i wasn't about to skip them to the top of my 'must buy' list. they're a spin off of capharnaum, a really rather wonderful death/prog metal band. you could check them out too, at least they're still good on the second listen.
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