i frozed up

so i messed up getting ruth down here because i didn't text her back to confirm it. i thought she'd already booked the tickets. i always find difficult to know what to text someone spontaeniously, a word i can never spell but find ever so useful, so conact with far off people has become less intense as texting has taken over from calling as the main communication pipe. if she'd have come, i'd have probably been off now, into town to pick her up from the station, but instead i'm facing the night in on my todd.

and then i messed up and got a hard drive that didn't fit the connectors in my tiny shuttle pc. the drive was meant to make everything in my life flow again - i would reinstall java, flash, high faluting music softwares, and maybe even thief 2 so i can play throught the fan missions. now i'm back to waiting for everything forever before stuff works.

since living here, i've been sucked into telly something rotten. ian and i watched all three series of peep show in two days, in preparation for the start of tonight's new series, which obviously i'm going out so i'm not going to watch. i'll wait for it to come out on video.

we watched basic instinct, too. it really is terrible. ian and katie wanted to put i tried to convince ian that because it was paul verhoven it was all somehow ironic like star ship troopers, but actually no. it's rubbish. everything in it that's not laughable (micheal douglas walking in the nude) is boring or annoying (the music completely clashes with the film, in fact it does most of the work). as a detective story, it's utterly linear. there's nothing to the plot, which doesn't twist as much as turn at one point. in fact it comes across as something similar to trapped in the closet set in the hollywood hills.

'piece of shit, now walk away'.
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