so there i am. standing at the end of a 12-person queue for the cashpoint. i don't put my walkman on; waiting with headphones is simply antisocial, it's the only chance you have to meet new people (in daylight), and it's a waste to deliberately isolate yourself. as i get two people away from the cashpoints (there are two) it becomes apparant the one is out of order, explaining the long queue. orisit? from where i'm standing, it looks fine. the barclays ads are ticking round, exactly as normal. so i ask the lady in front of me (first in the queue)
G: "is there something wrong with the other cash point?"

you can see where this is going.

Lady: "there must be, otherwise why are we all queueing for that one?"

i make sure i can squeeze back in to the queue if it doesn't.

but it does. in fact, it shits out two crisp fivers. the lady laughs.

L: "god, we're all such sheep aren't we?"

speak for your bloody self, love.

today is wonderful. the sky is a swish of yellow, white and blue; i feel like i fell in love last night. with Rebessica.

and then this morning i wrote and recorded a rubbish new song. it really is shit though. it's inspired by a calling card i saw in the toilet of Robert House, with a picture of a semi-naked girl saying "i'm happy because i like my job". for some reason it popped into my head this morning while i was puttin gout my laundry, along with heywood lane-style chords. and that was it! made up some more words, recorded it in about half an hour, with five vocals and three guitars. i'm actually quite happy with it listening back.

i just googled the title - 'fair trade whore' - and the first link was an interview with Chris Martin. classic.
When he started down this activist path, Martin says, "I felt like a third-rate Bono.... Hopefully, it'll escalate until I feel like a full-on Bono."
you can listen to it on the audio page (soundclick doesn't like external links), as well as the demo for 'Quinlank'which is good in a different kind of way, even if it doesn't have the "drink your weak lemon drink NOW!" hook line yet. i made it at the end of last term, in a fug of smoked whiskey and roll-ups, because i thought that's how rock stars get their inspiration. i got around to half-recording and mixing one song. rock stars are wankers.

i was going to put on the demo of 'girl in the kid a top', which is almost exactly a year old (it was meant for the original conception of womansour), but it's only the wrong format, innit? and it's just not ready yet.)

we need another two requests before i tell the awful duck joke. it's not even that good, i shouldn't be bigging it up like this, it's got out of hand now.
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