get this! Soundclick have now gone creative commons crazy! that means all i have to do is check a couple of boxes and my music is automatically covered. topper.

and... blacksmoke advent calender is now operational.

and... new kef mp3s.
It would be worth pointing out that your intro on 'Girl
In The Kid A Top' is longer than any Kefranski song currently being
played, apart from 'L'Oxford' which is 35 minutes long

i was going to put 3 of my old websites back online, archived for completeness. but with the way geocities works, it would take hours of just clicking.

and.. i'm finding sleeping very difficult.

i'm going to go home and get my chops up.

and i must say for those who don't read luarence's i-can't-believe-it's-not-blog, that out in the glouscter the other night, we just kept drawing at moo-pah-chi (stone-paper-scissors). after 6 or 7 draws, we just gave up. the tension was too great.

and forever is quadruple time. i was playing it triple time, but there's no way i can fit that many notes into a bar.

why are all my interesting thoughts in bed, not now, when i'm on the computer? maybe there's a lesson.

shall i tell you my dirty duck joke? please leave a comment if you want to hear it.
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