Old school Star wars

Two related thoughts:

You see more Lego Star Wars merchandise than Star Wars merchandise these days. LSW t shirts are everywhere. When did you last see anything else, even clone wars related?

I was very dubious about Men In Black 3, which has needlessly added time travel into a universe that already has a consistent feel and technology. Shoving time travel in needlessly betrays the original concept, and MIB2 got such awful reviews I never bothered with it. But this time the reviews are good, and one nugget in the av club review (granting it a b) made me even want to see it: creature design by Rick Baker.

Which leads me into another thought: Ben Burt's wilhelm scream. This turned up in the Helms Deep battle of LOTR, and utterly broke my suspension of disbelief. Snapped it so that I felt it break. I didn't realise I had a suspension of disbelief until that stock sample cut through the film. It's really daft, investing emotionally in fantasy orcs and elves is hard enough without ironic sign posts that this is a construct.


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