Robert Webb BBC3 Filler Fan Fiction

Famous Movie Title Inconsistancies, starring robert webb
episode 1: the Final Destination series

"hi, i'm tv's robert webb. you might remember me from 'robert's webb' and 'great movie mistakes', as well as 'britain's top 100 dance crazes'.

The final destination series has one of the most inconsistent naming formulae in recent cinema history. The first three were fine, aside from the awfulness of having sequels to something that started off as supposedly 'final', with the aptly named 'final destination', 'final destination 2', and 'final destination 3'.

It all started to unravel with the fourth film in the series, 'THE final destination'. This reboot-style gambit would have paid off, if the next film had not been called 'final destination 5'. Surely, 'THE final destination 2' would have been a more apt title, or simply 'final destination 4'. Their choice of title totally undermines the logic so far, unless at some point they decide to release a different film as 'final destination 4' in the future. People like me wait, earnestly, to see how the film titles will resolve themselves."

jesus, grilly, wasn't plinkett fan fiction enough?

originally posted as a comment on cawreigh's facebook update of "We're waging a fierce war of incompatible computer OS security settings and missing ports...all this, just to watch Final Destination"
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