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two weeks of unpublished link dumpage:

the unity of maths, music, and architecture: i've never heard of this guy before, but it's a great example of how maths is really all about proportion (ok, there's algebra too).

hahahahahaha: is this the new 'human species may split in two'?

random wikipedia article of the week: Lined_pocketbook

this post represents, for me, the point where i've finally recategorised david macandless from 'insightful and inspirational statistician' to 'nathan barley':

why i love larry elliot: writing economics articles framed around david bowie songs

an excellent summary of the mess we're in; i agree with nick (robinson):


a pretty good comic, perhaps badly translated, but sufficiently wierd and creepy.

johan hari, being brilliant, writing about prohibition of alcohol and narcotics

because anything that starts with a quote from philip 'prison experiment' zimbardo is going to be great.if you want to know where we would be without ethics comittees, it's 50s-60s american psychology experiments.

and finally: my home studio:

and going all the way back to 2002 (or 3?): dovedale joints is now online.

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