the video for single ladies

is here (embedding disabled by request).

i watched this in order to sample the if you like it you shoulda put donk on it.

not that i'm interested, but two points:
1: they're trying to do the okgo 'one take' thing, and failing, because if you're actually concious, you notice the jumps in camera work you might have missed if you were just watching the video without paying attention to it.

2: it's sped up. those moves might be possible, but if even beyonce, who's song this is, can't dance in time to her own song, what hope have we got? the impression of her doing these moves elevates her to superhero status, since they're actually impossible.

this is important, because it shows how much beyonce is 1: reacting to, and aping popular trends and 2: faking it in order to do so. ok go never sped up or cut up their routines. where is beyonce's integrity? if she's going to copy someone else's style, in her own way, that should not involve using editing to make it appear like she's a better dancer than it is. the more i write about this, the angrier it makes me.

not to say the video is not stylish; not to say the song is not simultaneously bouncy and threatening (that bass is terrifyingly sinister - and i don't mean left handed! [keyboards have the bass register on the left, so synth bass lines are often played with the left hand, which is also the origin of the word sinister]); but there's some
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