7 - heartwyrm

it's mixtape 7!*
download heartworm.mp3

or stream it here:

Grilly - Help The Disabled 1
Euros Childs - Like This Then Try This 2
The Bobby Mcgees - A Masonic Youth 3
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Circumstances 4
The Prophecy - Adrift 5
Naked City - Reanimator 6
Amon Tobin - Reanimator 7
Mothboy - Beg 8
The Soundbyte - Til Ungdommen 9
Mclusky - The World Loves Us And Is Our Bitch 10
Sparks With Eskimos And Egypt - Angst In My Pants 11
Carcass - Heartwork 12
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Embers 13
Euros Childs - Harp I A Ii Ar #2 14
Iw Rawes - Please Help The Disabled 15

nb, both the kilimanjiro darkjazz and the mothboy track come from the same ad noiseam compilation (also, they came out in mono, like all the genghis tron remixes, because *audacity doesn't understand joint-stereo mp3s*. neither do i, but then i'm not a computer program whose sole role in life is to facilitate digital audio).

i love it when different bands use thet same track name - i might start making that a 'feature' of these mixes. i'm not going to go down the '12 songs called love' route though, because i don't want any constraints on what i'm putting down in these.

sparks and mclusky are endlessly entertaining, i'll try not to throw too many of them into these mixes. they could be in danger of becoming default punctuation marks.
i previously mentioned adrift a few posts ago, thought i'd include it here because i'd managed to listen to it enough to calm my outrage at it's amazingness.

*6 is a magic number and not available for use of mixtaping, due to being the title of the second-best album of the 90s.
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