mixtape 4:K

here's mixtape 4, entitled simply 'K'

not as in kula shakur, but as in justin k. broadrick, who features on this mix twice, and death cube k, who also sticks his beak in. justin started out in napalm death, has played in all sorts of bands, including scorn and godflesh, and will be working with alan moore in some way soon. i didn't end up putting any scorn tracks on, because they didn't fit in the mix, and that's more important than sticking to a theme regardless of the flow. but it's pretty much built around the two broadrick tracks, colony collapse and pulp. there's a definite theme there. pulp is a peel session track which came up on random on the tube, it's brutally forthright even though it seems to say not very much.

this mix isn't for everyone. it's pretty brutal, and slow. it's a weird one. it's music that's like music that people have told me is a bit how you feel on the drug K - a sort-of-coincidence. it features with a pallette cleansing gorky's radio 1 session track. enjoy, if you can.

help the disabled remix 5
Death Cube K - Watchers
Zan Lyons - Warring Factions 1
The Mad Capsule Markets - Jag [Exclusive Version]
Genghis Tron - Colony Collapse (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
Godflesh - Pulp
Necro Deathmort - Hurt Me I'm Bored
Sonic Clang - E1M8
Cult Of Luna - Curse
Gorky'S Zygotic Mynci - Cursed Coined and Crucified
IW Rawes - Please Help The Disabled

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