mixtape 1: bonktronica

i hope you enjoy this mix i made. i'm going to leave it up as long as possible but then take it down to make room for others. there'll be a new one up every other sunday, so grab it like it's hot.

the tracklisting is in the mp3 comments field.

so it's quite a strange one to start off with, largely instrumental and laid back, maybe not what you were expecting. there's two reasons: most of the music i'm listening to atm is instrumental and laid back because i'm working like a sucker; and secondly, i'm planning on this series being a journey as much as an album or a song is a journey. rather than churning out mix after mix with a carefully balanced sequence of grind, spazz, glitch, ambient, folk, chip-core &c, i want there to be a progression from this oh-so-high brow mix to more... well, not low-brow, but differently highbrow.

why start doing fortnightly mixes? because i miss doing mixes, the xlr webcast gave me a bug, and in the last few weeks i've found myself buying large amounts of cds and doing mixes just for fun. come across a track i like, find other songs that fit around it, find songs that fit around them, until i run out of steam. it's a little joy, and a good way to unwind. so i hope you enjoy them, and i hope i keep making them interesting.

grilly - please help the disabled remix
Lord Skywave - Back into the Garden
Escape Philosophy - Speechless Hills
john cale - Nibelungen
SoulEye - Presenting VVVVVV
Bill Bailey, Anne Dudley, BBCCO - cavalcade of the unloved: the chameleon
Kow Otani - Monstrous People ~Fight With Colossus~
Kow Otani - Opened Path ~Fight With Colossus~
Kow Otani - End Of The Battle
RHF - Album 2, track 12
Scott Hull - La Boca di Cielo
Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra/David Bowie/Russell Davies - Some Are [The Low Symphony]
IM Rawles - Please Help The Disabled

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