you can tell it's a recession

i wandered into the photocopier room and heard an advert break on the radio. something you can imagine i don't hear very often.

the first was american express: it's not just for posh stuff! you can use it to pay for burger and chips!

the second was for bt landlines: calling your parents is so much more special on a landline.

i feel sorry for landlines. i agree, there's something nice about tucking yourself into your cosy chair next to the immobile phone and just sitting and talking, without the option of getting up. having a little space just for calling friends and family.

but that's not the point. both adverts sounded so desperate. imagine, amex trying to shake their elitest image. bt, trying to convince people to use one phone instead of the other. these weren't advertising anything new, anything different; it was just broadcast pleading. cheered me up a bit.