boil a kettle, chop an onion: melinzana and halloumi roast

i got out 'my' classic aubergine and halloumi recipe last night, which i've made a few times now to impress people. i love the mix of textures - the chewy halloumi and succulent aubergine both have quite fleshy qualities, all in a thick sauce. plus it ticks a wide range of food group boxes - you could add chick peas to make it a perfectly balanced meal if you fancy.

you need (per 2 people): 1 onion, 1 pepper, 2 aubergines, 1 pack halloumi, some coriander seeds, garlic, 1 jar of lloyd grossman tomato and chilli sauce (one can make this oneself if one's really trying to impress, but it's an extra risk, one's already got enough going on).

so, put the kettle on and pop a baking tray full of olive oil in the oven and put it on nice and hot. chop all the veg now so you can sit down later. when the oil's hot, put the onions in it, and pop the halloumi in a different tray.

when the onions are having a bit more fun (5 mins?), put the peppers, garlic, and cracked coriander seeds in too and shuffle the cheese around. when the peppers are looking all jolly (10 mins?), put the aubergines in and stir everything around. when the aubergines have had a chance to think about what they've done (another 10 mins?), pop the halloumi in with the veg and pour over the sauce. it's very nice.

serve with dimitri's 'casablanca', white rice mixed with couscous - cook them both separately then mix them together in a big baking dish and leave in the bottom of the oven while the rest of the food cookity-cooks. you could probably do it with lovely brown rice too but it wouldn't look as good on the plate. my dad serves this layered and domed on the plate.

on the side: michelle's tomato chilli jam.

to drink: big red wine.

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