face book stories

so out of the blue, psuedo-randomly, i get a friend request on facespace from some chick. "You don't know me, but I find you very cute - I agree, it's quite a small reason to be Facebook friend :).", she says. well, this baffles me. i mean, there's not much to interpret here; this is a pick up line, right? so, being in a hotel bed in shoreditch - a story for another, albeit entirely domestic, post - i show my phone to the wife and ask her what she thinks. hey, it's always good to keep them on their toes, right? remind them of the competition EMOTICON. shocked and appalled, and with her all 'you're *not* looking at her profile. ok, we'll do it together', we investigate.

i can't see much of her profile yet, what with not having accepted her request - i didn't think that was how it worked. i thought that by sending someone a request, you submitted yourself for perusal, grooming as it were. it's a very social thing to do. the first thing i look for is mutual friends - in a 'how did you get this number?' kind of way. we have just one - thalia.

rachel grabs the phone, calls thalia, and asks her who the devil this girl is. it turns out it's not someone she's really in touch with anymore - an old colleague from when she worked at agent provocateur. parisien.

rachel is not happy with this arrangement and maintains there are two options to explain this lady's behaviour; either it's the kind of thing she does all the time to lots of people, or it's not, and either way she's dangerous. she says, right, enough of this lark, you're changing your relationship status to 'in a relationship'. with her. especially since i'd put all my contact details on, destroying my attempt at anonymity. only, she needs to respond to her ex's email first so as not to make it look like it was a direct response.

the invitation has since been withdrawn, leaving me unable to respond with a 'thanks but no thanks', or accept it and check out all her pictures, such as . i feel rude having been so curt with her, maybe i should just send her a message apologising. she doesn't seem to have much of an internet presence - doesn't go beyond face book. so not much else to be gained here i think.

btw, while i was messing around with all this, i noticed that i had more mutual friends with mr jeremy williams than my own girlfriend. i figured this was most wrong, and trawled through her friends looking for the few i needed to become my 'most mutual friend.' slightly obsessive i know. but had to be done.

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