!!ADD ME!!

tom vs. the anti tom

this is interesting, and i came across it while browsing random livejournals; war in myspac. tom, founder of myspac, is your default friend, and since most people don't remove him, he has very nearly 20 MILLION 'friends'. then this anonymous guy turns up, and has made it his mission to have more friends than tom. the carrott is to add him, and the stick is to remove tom. he currently has nearly 300. you can see it's early days, but what if..? tom is still gaining friends every day as more people sign up, but everyone who switches to the anti-tom counts narrows the difference by two, meaning !!!add me!!! only needs to convert 10 million people, by which point the exponent will be huge anyway and soon the only friends tom will have are the (does quick calculation)..

oh my god. in one minute, 806 people became tom's friend, whilst !!add me!!'s friend count didn't tick at all. !!add me!! is fighting a seriously tough uphill struggle here. this makes it even more exciting. i'm nipping down ladbrokes, as soon as i find some work. i keep thinking 'i'll do anything', and then the offer of cleaning and sterilising operating theatres arises (like it did this morning).
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